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Juvi Guevara

Juvi Guevara is an LA-based actress/martial artist

of Hispanic descent, with a mixture of other cultures

​sprinkled throughout her bloodline, (including Irish and Native American roots). She has lived in California for most of her life and has been acting professionally for more than​ thirteen years, including training in improv at UCB & Meisner Technique at several different noteworthy schools throughout LA.

   She originally attended film school right after high school to pursue a career in film-making, working behind the camera. She studied cinematography, assistant directing, editing, and photography for two years before being given her "big break" in front of the camera working on student films. After that, she decided that being an actress was a far more exciting and challenging pursuit, and has been doing it ever since.

   She's studied with some of LA's top acting coaches, & in the best schools, worked on several independent films, web series, commercials, and has also maintained a healthy, balanced lifestyle, pursuing other areas of performance, such as martial arts, weapons training, and photography.

Recently, she has undertaken one of the scariest, yet most exhilarating endeavors in LA, in the form of Improv training & performing at UCB, one of the most prestigious Improv schools in the world, and performs with her dedicated team, Dad Jokes.

     Given her love of Japanese anime and all things fantasy, she loves to dress up in various cosplay outfits ranging from Steampunk to a knight in full-blown leather armor.

     On top of her other hobbies, she's also an accomplished food writer and restaurant reviewer; not only has she been a Yelp Elite for eight consecutive years, but she also writes for the food department at Small Teaser, an internet magazine.

     She loves allowing her curiosity to take her further into other endeavors that help her grow, not only as an actress, but as a person.

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